My First 32 Coffee Dates

A Novel By M. Lyman Hill

     Internet dating can be fun, wild and provocative. Read the story of one man who connected with thousands of women around the world, chatted and emailed with hundreds asking them questions and getting to know them, then telephones hundreds and finally met 32 for coffee and much more. This tell all book by M. Lyman Hill is an online dating odyssey through internet dating websites large and small. From the tame to the wild.

     M. Lyman Hill's book My First 32 Coffee Dates offers dating advice and insights he learned from his on-line adventures and mis-adventures. Read the titillating stories of his encounters with very nice women and naughty ones, train wreaks and paragons of virtue. Dating online is a jungle to some and a paradise to a many.

     My First 32 Coffee Dates tells all the romance, nervous moments, humor, missteps and wild encounters experienced by a professional man dating on,,,,, and dozens more sites. Learn about the vast variety of women and their secret passions. Great advice for anyone internet dating in the information age. ISBN-13: 978-1461141105 and ISBN-10: 1461141109

     The books contains cartoons, profiles, and the dialogue that happened between the women and M. Lyman Hill. The insights are worth the price of the book.

"Imagine looking over tens of thousands of personal ads in order to exchange thousands of emails, to get to hundreds of phone calls, to then set 32 coffee dates. Because I work professionally in the Internet technology industry, using online dating and matching services came very easily to me – or, at least it was natural, but it was also exhausting. I am the kind of man who is driven. You know – Mr. Type A+. So, when my marriage failed, I moved into an apartment I found myself looking for love again online. I’m just not one to waste time. "

"Imagine meeting 32 very different women for coffee in less than nine months, then dating a few of them: nurses, psychologists, attorneys, school teachers, a couple of legal secretaries, a surf shop owner, a veterinarian, a flight attendant, a model, several real estate agents, and on and on. Some were nice and some were very nice, but off in a world of their own. Imagine that, and you’ll be right there with me because that is what I went through in just one year’s time."

"I officially re-ignited my online romance adventure in December 2004. Online dating then was much better than what I had experienced six years earlier, when I had just tried it once. As aforementioned, that previous experience led to a one-year long-distance romance and a brief yet stressful marriage of four years. Six years doesn’t seem like a long time, but I felt like I’d been “gone” an eternity – in Internet dating terms. Yet it was just six years later that I thought it would be best to look for a woman who was the exact opposite from my ex – again, a kind of an experiment in getting more of what I wanted – but, boy, was I wrong in that strategy."

"I was surprised to see several women from Match and Yahoo on the site, so I contacted them with a few questions. One was kind enough to answer. She said she did not know what kind of site it was; I thought she must be blind. The site was and is filled with sexually explicit images. I contacted about 20 women on, but the three who contacted me on their own were the ones I actually met. These women wanted to learn about or live an alternate lifestyle where they were slaves at some level to their man. Wow, that is a mouthful. Did I just say they wanted to live as a slave to their man? I wondered just what a woman who wanted this would be like. What goes through her mind?"

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